Adopt a Goat

Adopt a Goat

Are you someone who loves the experience of the farm and wants to visit more often? Now you can help support the dairy’s growth by becoming a member. Your membership will help us feed your goat and maintain the farm.

Here are the wonderful benefits of sponsoring a goat:

  • Take a picture with your goat
  • You can name your goat
  • You may also come and visit your goat
  • When your goat is expecting you may come and see your grand kids

Your goat sponsorship will help feed your goat for one month, three months, six months or 12 months. At the end of your membership term, you have the option of renewing your sponsorship at a discounted rate. Sponsorship fees are non-refundable.

Membership Includes

  • Picking out a goat and giving it a name and placing a collar on the goat.
  • One ticket to an event per month.
  • One cheese a month of $8.00 value or less.
  • One private picnic on the farm per month*

*Picnics on the farm – You must reserve 72 hours in advance. Limit of attendees is 10 per picnic private event. To have your own private time it must not be scheduled the same day there is a farm event.

If you want to use the indoor event space you must notify us 72 hours in advance.Use of barbecue, tents and other space may be requested and reserved for an additional fee. Please give us additional notice if you need these. Requests will be honored as best we can accommodate.

Hosting a Small Party

This is a wonderful opportunity for our guests to have their own private party or event. Group sizes are limited to 15. Larger groups maybe accommodated with additional one time fee for your event. We need a least a week notice for larger parties to provide additional services.

Additional fees and services include:

  • Larger barn
  • Cheese Platters*
  • Shade Tents – weather permissible*
  • Refreshment set up (ice tea, water, lemonade)
  • Barbecue use*
  • Oven use*
  • Additional tables
  • Porta Potties
  • Rented Tents

*Requires staff to be present due to safety concerns. Tables, chairs, Porta Potties, rented tent, larger barn will be set up and broken down for you. Please email your request to along with your requested date and time. We do the best to get you a quote of the services and dates you have inquired about.

Click the images to see how much fun you could have with the goats!