Our Cheese

Animal Husbandry and Feeding

Our premier artisan cheeses start with high quality fresh milk. To ensure the quality of our milk our animals are fed from the local valley premium alfalfa, grain, molasses, as well as, whey from our cheese. Our goats have lots of room to graze on high desert plants. In the growing season they receive additional treats such as lettuce and other greens that come from the local farmers market.

Our herd is treated with tremendous love, respect and kindness and are not injected hormones such as RBST.

Most of our herd consists of Nubian goats with a few Saanens mixed in. We also have a few Jersey cows. This combination of goat and cow breeds yields the creamiest high butter fat milk compared to other breeds. The females are milked twice a day then the milk is collected and pasteurized using a vat and transformed into cheese daily.

After the cheeses are ripened and aged to perfection they are hand packed and then labeled with their endearing prideful name that represents our dairy and the state of New Mexico. Our chèvre boasts names that are often a double entendre like Chili n Hot, The Great Caper, and Country Thyme while our aged and ripened cheeses are named after New Mexico mountains and meadows such as Jemez Springs, Manzano Blue Moon, Valles Caldera, Sangre De Cristo, Sandia Sunrise Smoked Gouda, and Wheeler Peak.

We believe life should be fun and stress free as possible for those who work at the dairy, and that includes the goats and cows. We hope you enjoy our cheese as much as we do!

Join us for a tour of the farm to learn more and sample our fine cheeses!