Manzano Blue Moon – Award Winning


This an amazing award winning goat cheese. It a unique blue that appears very rustic and earthy. The blue mold grows on the outside while the inside stays white and eventually develops from a crumbly cheese to a pasty creamy spreadable paste inside the rind. It won first place at the American Dairy Goat Association in 2005.

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Award-Winning Goat Cheese, Goat Blue Cheese, Old Windmill Dairy Award-Winning Goat Cheese
The Old Windmill Dairy earned a blue ribbon for the goat milk blue cheese. In its early stage the cheese is rustic blue on the outside and bright crumbly white on the inside. As the blue cheese ages it becomes creamy, more intense, buttery. It is a great stinky spreadable cheese in it most ripened state. It deserves a Zinfandel or a nice stout to pair with.

It comes in a 6 to 8 oz wheel.


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