What our customers say about The Old Windmill Dairy

I think people really miss the point of the Easter Events hosted by Old Windmill Dairy. There are plenty of Easter Egg Hunts around the state that can be visited by those that are looking for that type of activity. The event at the dairy is an opportunity for children of all ages (and adults) to experience a working farm and make a connection to the food they eat. The time playing with and feeding the goats was well worth the money and to see our 16 year old daughter excited and engaged (which can be rare in the teen years) was a huge treat for us. There were numerous opportunities for kids to engage beyond looking for eggs and the staff was professional and really tried to create a unique opportunity for all. Great job Ed and Michael! Stephanie

Where’s the 6th star on this thing?! Loved the experience. The owners are sweet, passionate, and care about every single goat/dog/cow/donkey. Thank you for giving us a peek into your world. We will be back, and more importantly, we will spread the good word about your business! Sara

What a fun time we had at the Halloween harvest event! Staff were so nice and accommodating, we will definitely be back for other events. Jess

Went for the goat cuddling tour yesterday and it was adorable!! Definitely will be back for a second go round, cheese was amazing as well. Madii C

I had not thought I would like goat cheese…tried it and I am hooked! White chocolate raspberry chevre? The best, most decadent thing I’ve had…and it’s HEALTHY?!?!?!??! OK! The spicy and savory cheeses are awesome as well! Can’t wait to make a hamburger and spread it with Holy Chipotle! Owners are the best people too! I am happy for their success! Teresa

Super-friendly Staff! Great kid-friendly atmosphere, super-sweet animals! Our family loved it and the goat cheese was amazing! Sonja

Love their cream cheese and other various cheeses! Dave